HERMIS long years of experience, flexible mounting fixtures and extensive tooling are also supported by CAD/CAM systems and specialized software. This impressive in-house machinery shop is also supported with many other conventional and NC machinery to assist in any operation, thus giving to the company unprecedented manufacturing capacities and allowing the company to operate as a full service turn key solution contract machinery shop. The manufacturing processes and tight quality standards are controlled per ISO9001/9001 standards, external contracts have been undertaken and parts delivered where tight accuracies were required in the complete process.

HERMIS is a modern company with 33 years of in-house experience in producing components and machines. Its modern capacity workshop and deep in-house know how can support most of the modern day job-shop requests for medium, small to medium batches. Given the above modern and flexible equipment capacities, high quality, fast deliveries and low cost are assured for company’s machines and sub-contracting that fits company’s machining capabilities.