The new HERMIS angle grinder has been designed with the modern needs of the professional in mind and is a highly competitive proposal at a great price.


Top quality
Υψηλή λειτουργικότητα
Competitive price Competitive advantages: < br role = "presentation" /> Διπλά μαχαίρια πάνω κάτω με
required pressure only 5 atmospheres
Folding arms that fold for
not to take up space The professional wins: Unparalleled ease of adjustment
High Ergonomics
Increase productivity


It is a reliable and practical machine that is suitable for all aluminum series and comes to facilitate the work of the professional with easy and fast adjustments.

Functionality takes off thanks to the digital display, while the ability to make digital adjustments to three axes with tenths of a millimeter accuracy guarantees the high accuracy of the final result.

The new angle grinder is equipped with single and double knives up and down, which nail the profile with absolute precision and stability, while the control of the function is done with the two pedals.